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Breast Pump This Manual Breast pump is light weight and compact in design. It is easy to use either at home or outside in case you are traveling. Light weight and portable, This Manual Breast Pump is easy to operate with one hand and able to bring it anywhere and anytime with ease. Superior Silent Motor – allows expressing in complete privacy anywhere, anytime. Features: Comes with bottle and nipple and cap for bottle to carry breast pump. For convenient use this breast pump at home or on the go and Small and Compact. Easy to assemble, Easy to use, Easy to clean. Single pumping. More hygienic for breast as all parts can be sterilized. Baby can be fed right after expressing breast-milk using attached nipple set. We are leading distributors of all surgical products.
Anti Bedsore Air Mattress Features: Simplicity, reliability and easy of use. Aluminum motor cover. Quiet pump low noise, low vibration, low temperature. Bubble on A-B lines alternating inflating provides superior therapeutic treatment. Made of durable heavy, low toxic premium vinyl.